Music Educators

“Jennifer has always been my fount of knowledge for all things HSC. In addition to mentoring me with my HSC students, she tutored both of my own children during their HSC years. She helped them compose, made sure they knew how to answer questions appropriately, and guided them through every step needed to maximise their music marks. We could not have made it through without Jennifer!”

Samantha Coates

B.Mus, L.Mus, A.Mus, ASCM, Author And Publisher, BlitzBooks

“Having known Jennifer King for over 20 years in music education circles (as educator, private tutor of piano, musicology and composition, and respected examiner) I feel qualified to testify to her unique attributes. Jennifer’s extraordinary and indefatigable passion for all things music is legendary; her love for and excitement about music is contagious and has inspired hundreds of students over the years. She has been the lynchpin in many students’ decisions to continue with music professionally or as an abiding part of their life. But this is equally matched by a redoubtable knowledge of music history, insightful analytical skills, and a profound grasp of compositional techniques, both traditional and contemporary. I cannot commend her highly enough.”
Mark Grandison

Music Director, Kambala, Rose Bay

Jennifer was my high school music teacher from year 7-12 and even though forty years have passed since then we have kept in contact. I have an enormous amount of respect for her and the work she does. Jennifer is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about what she teaches. Her extensive experience with the HSC and IB music programs means that she knows the best way for students to achieve the highest marks as well as the most enjoyable way of learning. I know she has also had amazing success with students in theory, musicology and composition exams and preparing students for the general knowledge component of instrumental exams such as AMEB and Trinity College. I have on many occasions recommended students to take extra tutoring with Jennifer leading up to their exams.

I have worked as a professional musician for many years and during that time had the good fortune to be influenced by great teachers without whom I would not be the musician I am today. Jennifer is certainly one of those teachers. She helped me gain access to the Conservatorium for individual lessons when I was very young and I’m sure set me on the path to pursue my current career. I am very happy to write this short testimonial and hope that many students might have the opportunity to benefit from working with Jennifer.”

Dr Jeanell Carrigan AM

Associate Professor, Collaborative Piano, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney

Mrs King’s guidance was instrumental in guiding me to a 1st place in the state for Music in the HSC examinations.  Her deep knowledge of both music and the syllabus, coupled with a love of students and teaching make for one of the most wonderful music tutors I have ever known.  My time with Mrs King was instrumental to setting me on my path as a professional musician and teacher myself.  I highly recommend that students serious about their music spend time with her!”

Dr Jonathan Ong

First Place in NSW for HSC Music 2 and Extension Music 2001, B.Mus (Hons) M.Mus, Doctorate of Musical Arts, Kawai Artist

“If you want to excel in your musical studies – HSC, IB, do better in your music exams, or improve your musical understanding – you can’t do better than to learn with JENNIFER KING. She is among the most highly respected and trusted musical educators ‘on the planet’. Not only is she ‘insanely knowledgeable’, and knows every syllabus from back to front (let’s face it – she wrote a lot of them…) – but more importantly, she boils all of this knowledge down so that anyone can understand it, apply it and grow in confidence. Jennifer’s sense of FUN is infectious. You’ll find yourself grinning in your music lessons and then broadening that smile as you watch your results rise. If you’re a serious music student, get on Jennifer’s waiting list, and hassle her until she teaches you!! You won’t find anyone like her. She is simply incredible. 

BTW – I’m sure Jennifer has a gigantic list of students with perfect marks who have topped music – of which I am eternally grateful to be part. Jennifer was my wonderful High School Music Teacher (how blessed am! …), and after many years is today still a great friend and mentor.  Thanks for everything Jennifer.”

Cheryl Oxley

MAM, BMus, LMus, FTCL, Soprano, Accompanist, Hornist, Conductor, Director of GoBravo Music Studio, Lane Cove, Sydney

Mrs King is a rare gem: a teacher who not only helps you achieve, but inspires you for years to come. Kind and nurturing, her incredible musical knowledge and insight allowed me to flourish, resulting in me placing First in the State in both 2 Unit and Extension Music. She knows the HSC syllabus inside and out and leaves no stone unturned. More importantly, her wonderful lessons paved the foundation for my entire career in music. I would not be where I am today without the guidance and direction she gave me!”

Dr Theresa Leung

First place in NSW for HSC Music 2 and Extension Music 2000, D.M.A. (New England Conservatory, Boston); MM (Cleveland Institute of Music); B.Mus (UNSW), Visiting Associate Professor in Music, Indiana University, USA

Jennifer King With Past Students

Dr Theresa Leung and Dr Peter Leung

“I have known Jennifer King professionally for over 15 years. Regularly I have referred HSC music students to Jennifer for guidance with their compositions. The students have all returned with very positive feedback. Student assessment marks have been consistently higher after Jennifer’s organised, thorough and informed lessons.”


Music Teacher, Sydney

“Jennifer King is a passionate and creative Music Educator. She has led tutorial workshops for my HSC Music students in Aural, Musicology, Composition, Viva Voces and Performance students. Jennifer is a very knowledgeable and resourceful Music teacher. She coached one of my composition students, who was successful in gaining a place in the Composition course at Sydney University.  

Jennifer has been inspirational and has assisted with many programming sessions. She has an excellent knowledge of the secondary music syllabus and is a well-respected Music Educator in the community.“

Mrs Therese Jackson

B.M.E., M. Mus., Ass.Dip Mus. Teaching, Master Religious Ed., A.T.C.L., L.T.C.L., Secondary Music Teacher, Sydney

Jennifer is an invaluable colleague and “sounding board” for our Music staff. We have a small staff of 2 teachers and Jennifer’s input is very welcome and appreciated. She presents annual workshops and tutorials for our HSC candidates, which assist them in their preparation for the Aural, Performance and Musicology assessments. The students appreciate her fresh approach to their topics and her concise summaries prior to major assessments.

We have also engaged Jennifer to mark some of our HSC Music 1 & 2 Assessments. Her feedback is always comprehensive and targeted. Jennifer also provides our students with feedback on their performance programs. She attends our HSC Performance afternoon and her extensive feedback is very valuable for the students in their final weeks of HSC preparation.

We refer to Jennifer as our “Secret Weapon” for HSC preparation. Our students are always very grateful for her input.”

Margaret Ferguson

Head of Music, Kincoppal-Rose Bay School

“Jennifer is an outstanding educator. I have been privileged over many years to work with Jennifer in organising Higher School Certificate music workshops throughout Secondary Schools in the Illawarra, Lower South Coast, South West and Southern Highland districts.

Jennifer’s expertise across all areas of the HSC syllabi, her rapport with all students and staff and her generosity in giving her time and wealth of knowledge has endeared her to many students throughout Metropolitan and Country Schools in NSW.

The thanks and excellent feedback she has accumulated over many years is a testimony in itself to Jennifer’s excellent teaching.”

Meryl Jackson-Kew OAM, JP

B.Mus.B.Ed, AMusA. ATCL, Dip Teach (Budapest), Music Education HSC Consultant, Wollongong

My secondary music students have experienced engaging, motivational, educational HSC Workshops from Jennifer King. She professionally tailors each student’s program by assisting with individual interpretation and choice of repertoire, developing HSC Musicology Vivas as well as engaging students with the concepts in Aural Skills workshops. 

Jennifer also provides detailed report marking of ½ Yearly and Trial examinations using HSC marking guidelines.

Overall highly recommended.” 

Helena T

Music Teacher, Sydney

Professional Musicians and Educators

What makes Jennifer King an exceptional music teacher is her absolute passion and dedication for the art of learning. Her naturally enquiring mind and thirst for knowledge make for the most engaging lesson times. Jennifer is as much a mentor to me today as she was all those years ago when she first opened my ears and my mind to the sound of classical music.”
Deborah Cheetham AO

Soprano, Composer and Artistic Director, Short Black Opera, Melbourne

Jennifer King With Past Student Dr Deborah Cheetham

Composer and Artistic Director, Short Black Opera

“Just as Wisdom is not communicated but revealed, Music is best not explained, only experienced and shared. Anyone can teach or learn to play the piano, as can any composer demonstrate how to write a song. What matters most in teaching as it does in composing, is inspiration. The inspired teacher is one who sheds light upon the way that leads their student to a greater realisation of self, and there is perhaps no other art more revealing by which such knowledge of self can be so beautifully achieved. Yet, to do this, the teacher must first have within themselves such a light, and the light is one of Love. Jennifer King is such a teacher. She guides her students with a gentle hand and a humble heart, that together the joy of Music and creativity serves as its own reward. As much as I was never a student of Jennifer’s, I surely would have been proud to have had her as my teacher. Even now, years after my formal studies in Music have ceased, the feeling of learning does not leave whenever I am engaged in conversation with her, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

Phillip Wilcher


“My lessons with Jennifer King were invaluable to my HSC Music 2 and extension preparation, where I achieved the highest band for both courses. Mrs King’s boundless knowledge ensured my improvement in all facets of music, and her caring nature allowed me to thrive and build confidence within myself.

Elizabeth Younan

Featured Australian composer of Musica Viva’s 2018 International Concert Season, MMus. Comp., (The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney)

Elizabeth Younan completed her Master of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2017. She is the first Australian woman to be accepted into the Curtis Institute of Music’s distinguished postgraduate program for composers – one of only 2 composers accepted, from a field of 95 applicants!

Read more …

2019 Testimonials

Distinction! – Licentiate Piano Exam, ABRSM Royal School of Music

“Hi Mrs King, I finally got the result from my LRSM exam. I got a pass with Distinction! Thank you so much for the preparation for my Program Notes and Viva Voce, and the effort you put into the analysis and background musicological research for this section of my exam. I really appreciated it. It was great to have lessons with you again.”

Note: This was a gruelling exam. The General Knowledge was very detailed – not just the piece, but its style, significance within the composer’s output, and the developments on the keyboard and composer’s stylistic features included.

CL, Student, Hurstville

  • “Thank you for the detailed work examples from past papers and the very helpful, suggestions on how to approach and my improve Melodic Dictation skills.” (Year 12)
  • “What I found most helpful was your clear explanation and examples of how to answer Question 4.” (Year 12)
  • “You helped me understand how to structure my answers and how to connect the Concepts of Music in Short Answers Questions and Qn 4.” (Year 12)
  • “I found going through an exam paper and looking at what was expected and how to prepare for writing an answer really helpful, thank you Mrs King.” (Year 11)
  • “The 2.5hr workshop just went too quickly. Thank you I learnt heaps!” (Year 11)
  • “All areas of the Workshop were amazing! Thank you so much.” (Year 12)
Student Feedback from HSC Music Workshops 2019

  • “The workshops were very beneficial for outlining the understanding that is needed.”
  • “Amazing day! I learned so much from the composition workshop. Very useful!”
  • “Composition workshop helped an insane amount. Very good!”
  • “The Composition and performance advice was really helpful.”
  • “Loved the performance skills, amazing feedback, very helpful and in-depth. Also some great help with aural, awesome pointers and good examples. Thank you very much.”
Student Feedback from Dubbo/Bathurst HSC Music Workshop 2019

  • “God bless you. Thank you for your wonderful support this year. Awesome help and a fantastic friend.” Therese
  • “Just letting you know my whole class got band 6 and all 91%. Thank you so much for your work with my boys You are unreal!” Helena
  • Thank you for all you have done for our girls to encourage and prepare them for the exam.”
Teacher Testimonials 2019

Other Past Students

Mrs King was invaluable when it came to my music extension musicology paper. Her extensive knowledge helped me achieve an E4!”


2017 Student, Sydney

“Mrs King helped me immensely during my preparations for HSC Music, both in composition and musicology. She proved to be extremely experienced and knowledgeable as a musicology teacher, and taught me important analytical skills, both for score reading and aural listening. I felt confident and prepared for my HSC music exam because of Mrs King’s quality tutoring. She always tailored the lessons to my specific needs, and provided me adequate resources and methods to tackle every challenge. Not only that, but I was equipped with musicology tools and skills that was beneficial even for further musical studies at an undergraduate level.”
Sherilyn Ku

BMus (Piano Performance), LMusA

“Jennifer taught me how to think critically about the music I was studying, and to always ask “why”. ‘Why did the composer do this? Why did the performer play it this way? Why is this significant, given the context of when/where the work was composed?’ This method of analysis provided me with a strong foundation for approaching new music, as learning to draw connections between theoretical, practical and aural components provided me with a holistic musical education.

Jennifer’s expertise and knowledge helped me succeed with my HSC compositions, and receive top bands in both Music 2 and Music Extension. She was able to identify my strengths and help showcase these through my compositions. She was also able to identify my weaknesses, and helped me develop the skills I needed to become a more confident composer. I am now studying composition at UNSW and currently undertaking my Honours in electronic composition.”

Chloe Tefas

Student at UNSW (B.Mus (Hons)/ B.Ed (Secondary))

Mrs. King is an engaging, passionate and knowledgeable teacher. Her wonderful in-depth musical analysis and thorough explanation of theory gave me the skills and understanding I needed to excel in HSC Music 2 and Extension.”
Rebecca Hart

Opera Singer, Studying Bachelor of Music (Sydney Conservatorium of Music), Completing Masters of Music (Opera Performance).

It was a fantastic privilege to have learned under the tutelage of someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Jennifer King. Jennifer guided me through the challenging theory and composition components of Higher Level IB Music as well as my extended essay in music. Her guidance in composition sparked a long-lasting passion and enjoyment, which was reflected in my works, receiving the highest grades within my school cohort.

Jennifer’s zealous devotion to each assessment resulted in thoroughly researched and high quality final products. Her endless expertise and support had me feeling well prepared and confident for my final exam.”

WW, Sydney

Grade 7 in IB Music HL, A in Extended Essay


“My son completed his HSC in 2017, scoring great marks in both Music 2 and Music Extension. His success was due in great part to the wonderful work Jennifer did with him. Her enthusiasm, patience, knowledge of the syllabus and her willingness to go the extra mile really helped him to get the best marks possible. We would highly recommend Jennifer to music students who want to maximise their results. As a parent I found Jennifer to be calm and organised, always encouraging and optimistic but also realistic. This really helped relieve the stress of Year 12 for both student and parents.” 

2017 Parent, Sydney

” …Mrs Jennifer King was highly recommended to me by a professional musician as an expert on preparation for HSC music. It was really true  – I asked her for the lessons for my son just before the exam and she managed to find time and was so helpful. It was an intense, professional, effective and enjoyable time, as well as very rewarding. Thank you so much Jennifer, I really appreciate your wonderful cooperation with parents..” 


Parent, Sydney

“I am very grateful to Mrs Jennifer King for helping my two daughters with their HSC Music 2 Exams (especially in composition and musicology) and Grade 5 Music Theory.

Mrs King’s professional teaching methods and vast knowledge of the HSC syllabus proved to be great help to my daughters. Both of them have achieved high marks in composition and are now Music Education and piano at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. One of my daughters gained 1st place in her 2017 HSC Music class with Band 6 Music 2 and Band 4 for Extension Courses.

I highly recommend Mrs King to anyone who needs help with HSC Music and Music Theory. Thanks to Mrs King.”



“I have found Jennifer’s style of teaching to be extremely patient and flexible. She has exceptional communication skills and knowledge of technique and style, which is needed for advanced piano students.

Jennifer also has the talent of transferring complicated knowledge into easily comprehensible materials for my children.

I am very grateful for her teaching approach, which resulted in my daughter achieving not only outstanding 5th grade theory exam but also her personal best in a recent certificate exam. 

My son also has greatly benefitted from studying theory with Jennifer. Her clear explanations and teaching styles meant he really understood what was being taught and this was evidenced in his outstanding result.  

Fran Lin

Parent, Hurstville

“It is both a pleasure and privilege to write this testimony of Mrs King’s love and depth of musical knowledge, and of her tireless eagerness to impart this knowledge to her students. She is a very experienced music teacher who made all the difference for my daughter Bri, enabling her to gain the necessary level for music HSC, for her Tertiary studies. Moreover, Bri performed so well she managed to obtain Encore Nomination with her composition.

Mrs King brings out the best in her students, encouraging them so that they have the confidence to proceed and do well. We regularly travelled 7 hours between country NSW and Sydney for these sessions and would do it all again without hesitation.

I cannot speak too highly of Mrs King, she is an inspirational music teacher whom I totally endorse, for any student needing help with their HSC preparations.”

Karen Chu

Parent, Country NSW

“My Son has been studying HSC Music 2 and Extension Syllabus with Jenifer and he has found her to be an extremely caring teacher and good a communicator, who has an in depth knowledge in all areas of the subject.

She has assisted my son to develop confidence in the subject, which has produced very good results.

I would highly recommend Jennifer.”


Parent, Sydney

Jennifer is an inspirational teacher. She is encouraging, energetic, organised but most importantly passionate about music. Jennifer’s dedication and genuine interest in our children’s progress has helped them to develop a love for playing piano and a thirst for broadening their musical knowledge.” 


Current Students

“Jennifer King is an enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable teacher and has helped me improve in all aspects of music, whether it be analytical, aural, score reading, musicology or piano. Her guidance during the HSC helped me achieve the highest score at my school, in Year 11 alone her diligent guidance on my essay awarded me with a mark of 15/10 from my classroom teacher!

As a student of over 16 years and working in a field unrelated to music, our ongoing piano lessons gives me an outlet for my creative expression that truly enriches my life. Her love and passion for music is truly something special and I can guarantee that it will rub off on you.” 

Timothy J. Williams

BSci (Computer Science), Senior Software Developer

Mrs King’s theory lessons have been invaluable in helping me through AMEB Theory and Musicianship. Mrs King has clever and creative methods to help me understand musical concepts. I feel extremely grateful and privileged to have Mrs King as a teacher.” 


Student, Sydney

“Throughout my years of learning with Mrs King, I have grown immensely as a musician and am feeling well equipped as a student about to embark on HSC Music. Mrs King’s experience, encouragement and overflowing optimism forms a conducive learning environment that enables me to achieve my best results. Mrs King’s wealth of knowledge and attention to technique and interpretation allows me to truly appreciate the pieces I play.” 

Student, Sydney

2018 HSC Music Results

“Dear Mrs. King
I have received my results for the HSC today and I am very pleased with them. I got 98 for music 2 and 49 for music ext. Thank you very much for your help these past 2 years, it has improved my knowledge of music tremendously and improved my school results.
Kind regards,”



“Thank you all for your tireless efforts with our students.
I think they have all achieved their best with very creditable Band 5 results all round.
Thank you for your thoughtful repertoire suggestions which enabled them all the perform at their best and for your endless encouragement of them. I know they have not always put their Music studies “first” and it has called for great patience from all of you.
Thank you for all your care, concern & professionalism with our students.”

M. F., Sydney Music Teacher

“Hi Jennifer,
Good news, my Music 1 class got brilliant results one band 6 two band 5’s,  and a band 4, thank you so much for your
fantastic workshops with the students, throughout the year, Absolutely elated!!!!!
Thank you heaps !!!! 💥💥⭐️⭐️🎶🎶”

H T Secondary Teacher

“Dear Mrs King, Yes, we are all thrilled with Michelle’s results in music and very much appreciate your fantastic support in her HSC journey. Many thanks 🙏🏼 👍😊 kind regards.”


“Just letting you know that I got 93/100 as my overall mark for music 2, which I’m very happy with!
Thank you for all of your help! I think it really made a difference 🙂


“Hello there Mrs King
I would just love to say thank you for your patience for teaching me how to analyse and compose music this year, it has been an absolute honour. I am writing this message to you because I have just been selected to play at encore next year in February and I would love for you to come and watch me play at the opera house!
I got a 95.25 Atar!!!!!!!!
For Music 2, I got 94/100
And for extension I got 50/50!!! (So that’s 💯%)
Thank you so much.”


Encore HSC Music Performance At Sydney Opera House


“Hi Ms King! I got 95 for Music 2 and 49 for music Ext! And other subjects went pretty well – all top bands 🙂
And I actually just received a letter from NESA for my musicology essay on Schumann and I got an encore nomination for it! Really didn’t expect that! Thank you so much for helping me along the way and giving me so much feedback that I could work with and improve!”


“87 Band 5
I’ve managed to get pass the uni entrance mark for Sydney Con. It is most certain that I will be going there next year. The only thing left is to wait for their letter for an unconditional offer next week. I would like to say a big thanks to you Mrs King, for your great teaching in guiding me at every step of the way this year!”


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