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Piano Lessons and Preparing for General Knowledge Examinations

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“In my music studio, taking piano lessons is not just about being able to play the piano well – it’s also about growing a strong technique, confident sightreading skills, powerful musical interpretation, and a love of music that carries you through the rest of your life!” Jennifer King

Piano Lessons Sydney

Advanced piano lessons – providing advice, guidance and support, ensuring success

I am an experienced teacher of both Trinity Guildhall and AMEB Piano exam syllabi, gaining consistently high results.

While I teach piano students of all levels, my expertise is in teaching advanced piano lessons. I love preparing students for diploma piano exams, HSC Music performances, IB Music performances, and Music Degree entry requirements, and my students regularly achieve excellent results.


Students gain confidence and best piano exam techniques through:

  1. Developing routines, that is, a practice schedule which suits their commitments
  2. Regular focussed practice
  3. Beginning with technical work and isolating areas of difficulty (working on these NOT just playing the piece through!)
  4. Developing practice strategies to overcome technical issues and challenging sections of a work

Reaching your potential with advanced piano lessons in Sydney

All piano lessons include elements of the assessed areas of the Piano Syllabus: Sight Reading, Technical requirements, Aural Skills and General Knowledge which are integrated into each lesson and addressed in the chosen repertoire. It is vital each student develops the necessary technique and understanding of the appropriate stylistic features related to each piece studied. This will allow each student to reach their potential in developing a sensitive approach to tone and touch required for each of the chosen pieces.


Each of my piano lessons begin with checking the stool height and posture, especially hand shape (this is continually monitored), sight reading, then technique, (based on Syllabus requirements for each grade) and it is this that underpins the development of the necessary skills needed for students’ musical progress. As part of developing a student’s technical skills, I include selected short etudes and studies (including left hand studies), which address individual students’ weakness. In addition, emphasis on hands separate practice and isolated sectional practice (of selected bars) allows the student to overcome area of difficulty.

Integration of knowledge ensures understanding in learning piano

Whatever the focus of the lesson, the piano piece selected to work on will be discussed and analysed in relation to the stylistic features, structure, key plan, and harmonic features and related aural skills required for each grade. When relevant, this discussion is cross-referenced to the student’s study of theory, musicianship, HSC music, IB music or at recital levels.


This integrated approach enables the student to develop an ongoing understanding of the music they play and is therefore a more effective way to prepare for the General Knowledge component of their examination. Furthermore this approach ensures the student gains the necessary understanding of how to develop an appropriate stylistic interpretation of their piano pieces.

A collaborative approach is the best approach for my piano studio

As a teacher who focuses on a collaborative approach, I always ask the piano student to select the piece they wish to start with (I rarely need to monitor this request) and which section of piece to work on. This may take 5 minutes or much longer, we continue to review this until the student feels confident and has developed the necessary skill and practice routine to overcome problematic technical or stylistic features.

General Knowledge for Students Preparing for Advanced Practical Music Exams

Maximise your AMEB exam results with thorough General Knowledge preparation and deep understanding of the music you perform.

Enriching your performance through:

  1. Unlocking the joys of music
  2. Understanding how music works and the composer’s life and times and their stylistic features

I can offer guidance in preparation of the General Knowledge component of a Practical exam (this support especially targets advanced levels of performance) for any instrument or voice. I very much enjoy helping students prepare this component of their performance exam and as a result means I am in high demand.

Developing Program Notes for Trinity College Exams

How to design appropriate Program Notes for Trinity Recital and Advanced Diploma exams?

I am able to proof read your suggested program notes and offer advice on the format and content. In addition I can provide you with a written critical review and mini master class of your performance, this can be performed in my small recital space.

As an experienced music educator I am able to offer these services for all instruments and voice, in particular for ATCL, LTCL.

Eisteddfod Adjudicator and Scholarship Auditions 

I am available as an Adjudicator for Music Eisteddfods and Auditions for private school scholarship.

As an experienced examiner, I am used to evaluating and writing detailed and helpful reports, as the candidate performs, thus saving valuable time.

Preparation For University Music Auditions, Scholarship Auditions, Performance Exams, and Recitals


Providing vital performance experience prior to important performances

I offer performance and practice exam opportunities with valuable and useful feedback for all instruments and voice in preparation for important performances. This includes:

  • University entry performance recitals
  • Private School scholarship auditions
  • Music exams (all instruments and voice)
  • Public recitals

I have a small recital space with a stage and baby grand piano that allows students to gain vital recital experience in a supportive environment.

Need Music Performance Adjudicating or Mentoring?

If you would like more information about HSC Music Tutoring, holiday lessons, or would like to go on my waiting list, please contact me – just follow the link below!

I am also available for music performance preparation, school HSC music workshops and music teacher mentoring. trial HSC performance assessing, composition advice and marking, Eisteddfod adjudication, and one-off lessons for specific music assignments, composition, thesis proposals and proofreading for university music degrees.