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Music Degree Preparation and Mentoring

I love mentoring Music Degree students! Through many years of working with music students in every level of their higher education, from Bachelor Degree entry, through to doctoral proposals and writing, my students have excelled in their preparation and studies.

How can I help you?

Preparation for University Music Degree Entry Requirements

What to expect when sitting for a Music Tertiary entry test?

I offer practice examinations for entry tests for Music for Sydney University (Conservatorium of Music) and University of NSW. These tests are modelled on short answer questions required for aural skills, sample listening tests, harmony and analytical observation.

University Entry Performance Recital

I can provide you with a written critical review and mini master class of your performance; this can be performed in my small recital space.

Jennifer King With Former Music Students, Now Doctors of Music!

Dr Peter Leung and Dr Theresa Leung

Mrs King is a rare gem: a teacher who not only helps you achieve, but inspires you for years to come … her wonderful lessons paved the foundation for my entire career in music. I would not be where I am today without the guidance and direction she gave me!”
Dr Theresa Leung

First Place in NSW for HSC Music 2 and Extension in 2000, D.M.A. (New England Conservatory, Boston); MM (Cleveland Institute of Music); B.Mus (UNSW), Visiting Associate Professor in Music, Indiana University, USA

How to achieve your best in a Music Degree?

“Jennifer taught me how to think critically about the music I was studying, and to always ask “why”. ‘Why did the composer do this? Why did the performer play it this way? Why is this significant, given the context of when/where the work was composed?’ This method of analysis provided me with a strong foundation for approaching new music, as learning to draw connections between theoretical, practical and aural components provided me with a holistic musical education.”

Chloe Tefas, student at UNSW (B.Mus (Hons)/ B.Ed (Secondary))

Can I help you in any of the following areas of study for university music degrees?


Advanced Harmony For Tertiary Music 

Unlocking the confusion of rules

I offer individual lessons (when needed) in any level or aspect of harmony. Modelling what “real composers do” and relating to the period, genre and style of the set exercise or task, ensures a successful understanding. My vast library of books and scores allows students to examine a wide variety of music and develop a better understanding of harmony and thus gain personal confidence.

Rather than many negative rules DON”T …. I have developed a positive list of guidelines to enable each student to achieve understanding and the necessary skills to meet assessment requirements.

Advanced Composition Students At Tertiary Levels

Achieving your sound

For students of composition, I offer advice on:

  1. Developing and refining your skills, thus ensuring a thorough understanding of the style you are studying
  2. Proof reading your compositions
  3. Understanding your sound

Musicology Essays For Music Degrees

How to write a successful essay for university – years 1, 2 and 3 music students

For students of musicology, I offer advice on:

  1. Selecting and answering the set question, and which question best suits your understanding and area of interest
  2. Best choice of repertoire and resources
  3. Best presentation techniques to ensure you gain the best understanding by fully answering the question.

Music Thesis – Preparing for Honours, Masters and Doctorate in Music 

Developing your hypothesis is the key to success

As a Music Thesis mentor, I offer advice on:

  1. Selecting and refining an area of investigation based on your chosen topic
  2. Review of proposals
  3. Development of seminar presentations and practice presentations with written feed back
  4. Suggesting resources and research material
  5. Proof reading drafts and final submissions

Bachelor of Music Education

Support for implementing syllabus requirements in your assignments

As an experienced music educator, I offer advice on:

  1. Designing programs to meet syllabus requirements for stages 5 and 6
  2. Developing student-centred activities and lesson plans
  3. Developing repertoire and integrating key learning areas (KLM’s) to best engage students when writing new units of work
  4. Developing appropriate assessment tasks and marking outlines.

Secondary Music Teachers 

Developing sequenced programs and assessments

As a Music Teacher mentor, I offer advice on:

  1. Developing programs that meet syllabus outcomes and engage a variety of student learning styles
  2. Writing units of work to meet syllabus outcomes and assessment strategies integrating musicology, aural skills, composition and performance activities.
  3. Choice of repertoire to best engage students while extending their knowledge and understanding of music concepts.

“With a proven track record of students successfully achieving their desired tertiary music goals, I am confident I am able to help you!”

Jennifer King

Need Music Degree Mentoring?

Please contact me for any aspect of support needed for your music degree.

I am also available as a consultant and for one-off lessons for specific music assignments, university music support, composition, and proofreading.