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Achieving your personal best through knowledge and understanding at the IB Music Syllabus at the Level chosen: Standard or Higher.

My IB Music students consistently gain a Grade 7 in Composition, Extended Essays and MLI’s

“Jennifer guided me through the challenging theory and composition components of Higher Level IB Music as well as my extended essay in music. Her guidance in composition sparked a long-lasting passion and enjoyment which was reflected in my works, receiving the highest grades within my school cohort.” W.W. Sydney – Grade 7 in HL Music, A in Extended Essay

IB Music HL and IB Music SL students are assured of reaching their potential, and maximising their marks, to gain high gradings in the following areas: (Click to open)

IB Composition

IB Music Composition students have opportunities to:

  1. Analyse features of successful compositions
  2. Develop analysis skills so they understand various musical styles, thus enabling the student to develop the appropriate skills to write strong musical ideas and techniques necessary to develop a composition meeting IB Music HL and SL criteria
  3. Understand the chosen performance media for their composition and compositional stylistic features
  4. Discuss recording of their composition
  5. Proofread the finished work to ensuring all IB guidelines are met

IB Musical Links Investigation

IB Musical Links Investigation students have opportunities to:

  1. Read successful MLI’s
  2. Discuss best topics for Investigation, checking that IB Criteria are met
  3. Select an appropriate link and reinforce this link with appropriate works and identify their context, genre and style as evidenced in the student’s understanding of the elements of music
  4. Gain skills in setting out the investigation, through:
    • writing an interesting aim (which incorporates the elements of music and addresses context: cultural and historical, musical genres and styles)
    • ensuring the body of the investigation is based on the musical elements, using best language practice in developing their aim
    • understanding how to incorporate musical examples
    • writing a conclusion
  5. Have their MLI drafts and finished investigation proof read, to ensure all IB Syllabus Guidelines and Criteria are met.

If you need guidance in selecting imaginative concepts  and innovative works in developing your MLI investigation please contact me. 

IB Extended Essays

IB Music extended essay students have opportunities to:

  1. Read successful extended essays of high-level achievers (Grade 7)
  2. Develop necessary analysis techniques and language skills
  3. Refine research skills
  4. Explore the most effective way to analyse music and meet IB Syllabus and Criteria requirements
  5. Investigate IB Music syllabus guidelines regarding appropriate essay style and ensure Assessment Criteria and understanding of the Treatment of the Topic are met
  6. Gain skills in setting out the essay through:
    • learning how to write a strong hypothesis (which incorporates the elements of music and addresses context: cultural and historical, musical genres and styles)
    • learning how to develop the hypothesis in the body of the essay underpinned by the musical elements, genre and style reflecting the context
    • developing best language practice
    • exploring appropriate use of primary and secondary resources
    • writing a conclusion
  7. Have their drafts and finished essay proof read, to ensure all IB Syllabus Guidelines and Criteria are met

IB Performance

Developing refined skills of interpretation underpins all successful IB Music performances. Refinement of performance skills requires a thorough understanding of the music presented and a comprehensive knowledge of how the elements of music are reflected in the selected works. This will enable each student to demonstrate their skills in their chosen instrument or voice, and meet IB Requirements and the relevant Criteria for the level for which they are preparing (either Standard or High). As part of interpretation preparation, students are guided through the importance of understanding phrasing and the impact of the phrasing on the structure of the music their interpretation. In addition, students are encouraged to explore the subtleties of appropriate dynamics, rubato and expressive techniques relevant to the style and genre of the chosen repertoire. Refinement of interpretation and the opportunity to allow the music to “breathe” underpins a musical reading and enables the student to demonstrate a highly sensitive and personalised performance. It is also vital to develop a sense of recital, where the student demonstrates their technical prowess and the necessary stamina needed for a demanding performance examination. In addition, insightful interpretation assures the student of demonstrating a sophisticated and authoritative performance.

“Jennifer attends our HSC Performance afternoon and her extensive feedback is very valuable for the students in their final weeks of HSC preparation.” Margaret Ferguson, Head of Music, Kincoppal-Rose Bay School

I offer advice in stylistic interpretation (for any instrument/voice, in any style) their chosen level of performance to meet IB requirements), ensuring students are able to demonstrate their skills and meet the Marking Criteria. Would you like to book Mini master classes on your chosen instrument?

Developing Examination Strategies for the IB Music Written Exam Paper

Through using past papers, I focus on teaching the students how to:

  1. Make the best use of time
  2. Develop strategies on skilfully analysing score extract questions
  3. Answer questions on the treatment of the Elements of Music, enabling them to fully answer each question
  4. Refine language skills, offering examples and models of how to make the best use of score material
  5. Best approach to answering questions on set works

IB Music Results Achieved

YEAR IB Music Results
2015 2 x Grade 7 + Extended Essays Grade 7
2011 Grade 7 + Grade 6
2009 Grade 7 + Extended Essay Grade 7
2005 Grade 7 + Extended Essay Grade 7

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