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HSC Music Consultant for Teachers and Schools

Preliminary and HSC Music Workshops for School Music Departments

As part of my skills as a music educator I offer HSC Music workshops for schools, which are individually designed to meet each schools’ requirements. I am available for marking and running class workshops at schools for teachers with Preliminary and HSC Music classes.

“Jennifer presents annual workshops and tutorials for our HSC candidates, which assist them in their preparation for the Aural, Performance and Musicology assessments. The students appreciate her fresh approach to their topics and her concise summaries prior to major assessments.”

Margaret Ferguson, Head of Music, Kincoppal-Rose Bay School

Knowledge and skills ensure students achieve confidence and their personal best.

Workshops are designed for each school and focus on their student’s needs. These sessions are developed in consultation with the Music Director, Head Teacher, and or the classroom teacher.

“Jennifer King is a passionate and creative Music Educator. She has led tutorial workshops for my HSC Music students in Aural, Musicology, Composition, Viva Voces and Performance students. Jennifer is a very knowledgeable and resourceful Music teacher.”

Mrs Therese Jackson, Secondary Music Teacher, B.M.E., M. Mus., Ass.Dip Mus. Teaching, Master Religious Ed., A.T.C.L., L.T.C.L. 

Meeting Your Students’ Needs:

HSC Music Workshops include:

  1. Answering Aural Skills Papers: Music 1 and 2 (developing the best techniques and strategies to incorporate the Concepts of Music)
  2. Composition (Music 1, 2 and Extension) – Reviewing and offering advice
  3. Writing essays for question 4 of the Aural Skills Paper, or Elective Topic or Extension (with model answers)
  4. Preparing a Portfolio for Composition or Musicology
  5. Evaluating Portfolios
  6. Modelling analysis techniques for Music 2 (especially works form the Mandatory topic) and if time permits using student mandatory performance repertoire
  7. How to best answer question 4 (Music 2)
  8. How to best answer questions without a score extract (Music 1 and 2)
  9. How to develop a strong Viva Voce
  10. Advice on choice of performance program
  11. Developing stylistic performance interpretations that meet the top HSC Marking Guidelines criteria

These workshops offer assistance to teachers so their students’ gain more confidence and the opportunity to potentially improve their HSC Music marks.

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2×91% ” – Thank you so much for your work with my boys You are unreal!”

92% (Encore nomination for Viva), 2×91% “Thank you for all you have done for our girls to encourage and prepare them for the exam.”

Feedback from some of the schools I visited

Senior Music Workshops

Individually designed music workshops, tailored to your student’s specific needs.

Grow Student Confidence

Nurture their love of music

Powerfully equip your students for HSC Music success

Meeting Secondary Music Teacher’s Needs

Secondary Music Teacher Support Includes:

Assisting with program writing for Years 9-12 Elective Music, but focusing on the intergrated concept based Years 11-12 Format for Preliminary & HSC Music Courses.

Developing sequenced programs and assessments

As a Music Teacher mentor, I offer advice on:

  1. Developing programs that meet syllabus outcomes and engage a variety of student learning styles
  2. Writing units of work to meet syllabus outcomes and assessment strategies integrating musicology, aural skills, composition and performance activities.
  3. Choice of repertoire to best engage students while extending their knowledge and understanding of music concepts.

“Jennifer has been inspirational and has assisted withmany programming sessions. She has an excellent knowledge of the secondary music syllabus and is a well-respected Music Educator in the community.“

Mrs Therese Jackson, Secondary Music Teacher, B.M.E., M. Mus., Ass.Dip Mus. Teaching, Master Religious Ed., A.T.C.L., L.T.C.L. 

Available to Secondary School Music Departments for:

  1. Trial Marking of Compositions and Essays
  2. Trial Marking of Performances
  3. Marking of Half Yearly and Trial Viva Voces
  4. Marking of Half Yearly and Trial Aural Skills papers
  5. Advice on best repertoire, to meet best results for performance (Music 1, 2 and Extension)
  6. Advice on viva voce aims, best choice of topic and aural examples, and developing the Outline
  7. Advice on selecting best works from the Music 2 Mandatory Topic for question 4


HSC Support for the Studio Piano Teacher

Are you preparing a piano student for HSC Performance exam?

Do you need advice on repertoire?

As an experienced (now retired HSC Senior Marker) examiner and deputy of the Music Syllabus for the 1999 (current) Stage 5-6 Music Syllabi (Music 1, 2 and Extension), I can offer advice on best choice of repertoire, interpreting and meeting the Syllabus requirements and HSC marking guidelines.

My expertise as a piano teacher, who regularly advises and prepares music students (usually advanced) for their HSC Performance exams, ensures my knowledge of repertoire and HSC Syllabus Requirements are current. This, combined with my extensive piano library and examining experience means my students and can feel confident in their choices of program. This also means studio teachers have informed support available to them that will assist them when preparing their HSC students.

In the past I have been invited as a guest speaker at The Conservatorium Summer Schools to address studio teachers in this capacity.

These workshops offer assistance to teachers so their students’ gain more confidence and the opportunity to potential improve their HSC Music marks.

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It is both a joy and a privilege for me to work with so many wonderful teachers and their highly motivated students.

How can I help your students?

Need School HSC Music Support or Workshops?

I am available for HSC Music Workshops, music performance preparation, school HSC music teacher mentoring. trial HSC performance assessing, Eisteddfod adjudication, and one-off lessons for specific music assignments, university music support, and proofreading.

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