Advanced Music Theory

Advanced Music Theory Lessons

Comprehensive music theory lessons at all levels prepare students with a deep understanding of musical concepts and music history. All grades for AMEB Theory and Musicianship exams are thoroughly prepared, with outstanding results

Achieving your personal best and enjoying the study, above all remembering what you learnt.

As an experienced AMEB Theory and Musicianship teacher and past marker, I can offer my students strategies and techniques to ensure students reach their potential. I teach all levels but especially focus on the advanced AMEB Theory and Musicianship grades needed for Certificate of Music and Diploma levels (AMusA and LMusA) Performance.

My AMEB Theory and Musicianship students consistently gain high marks 89-98%

Over the years I have taught many students advanced levels of Theory and Musicianship beyond the current levels now offered. These very advanced levels of 7th and 8th Grades are comparable to tertiary harmony of 1st and 2nd year students.

“I am very grateful for her teaching approach, which resulted in my daughter achieving not only outstanding 5th grade theory exam but also her personal best in a recent certificate exam. 

My son also has greatly benefitted from studying theory with Jennifer. Her clear explanations and teaching styles meant he really understood what was being taught and this was evidenced in his outstanding result.”

Fran Lin

Parent, Hurstville

AMEB Composition and Musicology

As an experienced teacher of composition and musicology, I have amassed a large library with many resources of music history books (well over 200) orchestral, chamber, choral and operatic scores as well as piano works, and vocal works including: folk songs and art song collections. Thus I am able to show my students many more examples of the styles and genres necessary to answer questions related to AMEB syllabus requirements for the relevant grades.n addition, I have years of past papers, allowing students to develop the necessary skills and time management to answer questions at an examination level.

  1. This ensures each student gains confidence in:
    Answering questions related to word setting
  2. Developing a motif
  3. Recognising modulations
  4. Developing the appropriate harmonic language required for each grade in relation to:
    • SATB (4 Part harmony) writing
    • Piano Style writing
    • Different forms of 2-3 part counterpoint composition
  5. Answering Music History questions, how best to develop short and answers that address all the information needed, without exceed character (or word requirement)

The available music resources, combined with skilled teaching enable each student to maximise their marks for the AMEB Theory and Musicianship Exams.

Need Advanced Music Theory Help?

If you would like more information about advanced music theory lessons and AMEB or Trinity Theory exams, HSC Music Tutoring, holiday lessons, or would like to go on my waiting list, please contact me – just follow the link below!

I am also available for music performance preparation, school HSC music workshops and music teacher mentoring. trial HSC performance assessing, composition advice and marking, Eisteddfod adjudication, and one-off lessons for specific music assignments, composition, thesis proposals and proofreading for university music degrees.